Your Safety, our Purpose, Human Dignity

Today we explain our purpose.

When “mental coaches” are asking all of us to reflect on our purpose in life, let’s explain our purpose as a company.

After all, if companies are people, ours reflects the life purpose of our people.

According to Kant:

(…) in the kingdom of ends, everything has either a price or a dignity. When a thing has a price, any other thing can be put as an equivalent instead of it, but when a thing is above all price, and therefore does not allow an equivalent, then it has dignity (…) (1991, p. 68)

The word security has several meanings, it has an objective dimension, it has a subjective dimension, it has different levels of analysis, and different values ​​to protect. We can talk about physical security, psychological security, economic and financial well-being, autonomy, and freedom.

Security runs on an open scale that ranges from complete insecurity, or feeling, to complete security or the absence of fear.

Security is a value to be achieved, it is a common good inherent in the human condition, security is extended to the protection of personal property and the maintenance of individuals’ standard of living.

At Criterdestaque, when we talk about security, we are talking about a universal right of each individual, we are talking about a common good ensured by a set of social conventions, the so-called security measures. We are talking about a set of measures aimed at protecting against risks, dangers, or losses to people or goods, a simple concept when translating the absence (or low probability) of threat to values.

Security is the condition resulting from feeling and being safe and allows individuals and groups to establish essential conditions to carry out life beyond animal survival. There are a multitude of values ​​to protect, for us, it is a priority to protect the basic value of human life. The most precious value of any normative or juridical order is the dignity of the human person.

Human security is an inclusive concept. All people are responsible for the safety of the entire society. Security is indivisible.

So when our systems protect schools, protect homes, we know that we are fulfilling our purpose because in our thoughts remains the sound of the laughs that are heard at recess, and in our memory are the looks of those who have lived a lot but continue to live through the memories of a walk hand in hand, in times gone by, with a son, the memories of the news of the birth of the first grandchild, and he can do it safely.

Every day we fulfill our purpose, we protect yours as we protect ours. We protect your reasons for living, we protect your memories, we protect your dignity.




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