Trust is earned day after day, client after client

Trust is earned day after day, client after client

In June we all celebrate the history of our country, we celebrate the victories, we celebrate the language, we celebrate our culture.

Our culture is made of interculturality, alliances, progress, an example of this is the oldest alliance between Portugal and England. On May 9, 1386, representatives of King D. João I and King Ricardo II signed a treaty of perpetual friendship and mutual assistance between the two kingdoms.

These negotiations are confirmed by the Treaty of Windsor, considered the oldest diplomatic treaty still in force, having been revalidated several times throughout history and never been denounced by any of the parties.

On the 10th of June, Symington Family Estates opened the Bomfim 1896 Restaurant at Quinta do Bomfim, under the guidance of chef Pedro Lemos.

An emblematic space where the beauty of the Douro is reflected in its interior, recreating traditional flavors of a classic and unique cuisine of this region.

Once again, history sees the union of the best of both cultures and drives the appreciation and progress of both cultures. Our ancestors managed to look at what unites us and makes us progress, tracing a path of progress and growth that has been perpetuated for generations, and so it continues! The direction is to honor this vision and continue to grow with eyes on the future.

Criterdestaque is proud to leave its mark on this project, and becomes part of this movement in the history of both countries, with the installation of a fixed automatic fire extinguishing system (K-Series) that guarantees the safety of the hotte and cooking equipment in a kitchen where magic happens.

Thank you for your trust. Together we protect the Future!


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