RENEWABLE ENERGY – Learn how to protect the assets of a sector that protects the Planet

The threat of climate change and the decentralization of the energy sector have driven the need for the  energetic transition with the replacement of the use of fossil fuels by the use of renewable sources. In this sector of renewable energy there are different technologies that have specific fire protection needs. Each technology requires a tailored solution – assets at risk are very different and locations vary significantly in scale and size.ble sources with a view to obtaining sustainable energy and sustainable development.

Criterdestaque assumes the role of a significant player and provides the sector with the most efficient, safe and appropriate solutions.

Renewable energy production technologies, such as solar and wind, are dependent on variable weather conditions, which conditions them to intermittent operation, creating a problem of balancing supply and demand.

To eliminate this imbalance, Energy Storage Systems in Batteries were developed, which have the capacity to capture and store the excess electricity generated for later discharge into the network. These systems are key to the continued transition to more efficient and energy-smart electrical grids.

The type of battery most used and installed in an energy storage system is the lithium battery, which brings with it specific risks of fire. Think of the spontaneous explosion of cell phones and laptops on planes that has come to public attention in recent years.

Our integrated solution – 3 steps that ensure efficient and complete protection

  1. The solution: LI-ION TAMER | Gas Detection System

                    Prevention is the first step

The Li-ion Tamer® is a compact, low-power device consisting of a controller, residual gas monitoring sensors and a reference sensor.

Li-ion Tamer® is the leading battery fire hazard prevention system designed to monitor lithium batteries in all industries. With a 5 second response time to detect any toxic gases or vapours, and issue an early warning to suppliers or owners of Energy Storage systems in batteries. The use of LI – ION TAMER ensures early detection designed to identify and alert when a battery runs out of gas, so that users can take appropriate preventive safety measures to reduce or even avoid the effects of thermal runaway. This allows energy to continue to be supplied when needed, preventing losses or even interruptions in supply chains.

The primary action of the operating protocol is to send a signal to the Battery Management System to turn off the battery power, in order to avoid any further increase in battery cell temperature, i.e. to ensure that the temperature remains below the thermal breakout point. Simultaneously, it activates the ventilation to remove the accumulation of flammable gas, if necessary.

Many utility companies in the US and around the world require Li-ion Tamer® to be installed as part of a fire protection solution in battery energy storage systems.

  1. The solution: Stat-X |Aerosol Suppression System

                    Deletion is the second step

Stat-X® is the number1 fire suppression system of choice for several leading global integrators of Battery Energy Storage Systems, having undergone rigorous testing and passing UL and NFPA standards.

In the event of outgassing, there is no guarantee that the Battery Storage System will disconnect power to a battery in time or that a damaged battery cell will not continue to increase in temperature to the thermal runaway point.

If it happens, the next step of the Critertaque fire protection solution must be implemented – suppression. Stat-X units automatically release ultrafine particles and propellant inert gases, which effectively extinguish fires using less agent volume than any other conventional extinguishing system.

DNV-GL testing concluded that Stat-X® can put out a lithium battery fire, the residual Stat-X® aerosol stays in the air providing additional protection against a fire rekindling and that Stat-X® can reduce oxygen in a closed environment during a battery fire.

Stat-X® is an innovative, self-contained, environmentally safe suppression system that has been proven to be effective and reliable for protecting critical areas and sensitive environments.

    1. The solution: Water mist |Water mist cooling system                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Cooling is the third step

We believe that Li-ion Tamer® + Stat-X® represent the best prevention and suppression measures, together providing solid and ultra-efficient fire protection in Lithium Battery Energy Storage Systems.

However, the very nature of lithium batteries allows for a certain amount of randomness to be maintained in the way each cell or cells in the battery reacts once damaged, whether due to the nature or extent of gas release, temperature rise, fire condition, or spread from cell to cell.There is still the potential to explode if left unchecked.

As explained earlier, lithium battery fires are subject to the risk of ‘re-flash’ re-ignition minutes, hours or even days after apparently being extinguished.We recommend a backup cooling option in case of fire spread, specifically a Watermist system with misting nozzles located internally within the Battery Energy Storage System.

Now that you know our integrated fire suppression solution for Energy Storage Systems and how it works, let our experts present you with the most suitable protection options for your space and equipment.

Together we protect the future!

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