Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Protection on Data Centers

Stat-X is an innovative, self-contained, environmentally friendly suppression system, proven to be extremely effective in use across a wide range of applications and is especially effective where there is a need to protect critical areas and high values enclosures.

With units placed directly on or in the area being protected resulting in rapid installation time.

Sized for volume protection and extremely compact, Stat-X offers up to 90% reduction in space and weight requirements.

In the case of fire breaking out, Stat-X can be operated both automatically and manually. A major advantage to data room users lies in the fact that the particulate remains in suspension for up to an hour – providing time for materials to cool and preventing a potential re-ignition.

Clean up requirements are minimal, environmentally friendly, leaves no toxic residue.

Extremely low maintenance, the equipment has a proven life time lengh up to 10 years, becoming an efficient an economic alternative to other extinction systems.

The control panel of the Stat-X system can easily be connected to the local monitoring systems for purposes of notification.

Will not damage electronic equipment or magnetic media, Stat -X is a vanguard system to protect the immeasurable asset of our modern societies – the information

Because of their fast response time, compact size, low fire extinguishing concentration, and environmental safety, Stat-X fire protection systems are protecting company assets throughout the world.

Stat-X – Fisrt Responder is an innovative system, portable, designed to be used by fast intervention teams, in contexts of entrance or leaving fires, where each second counts.

An ideal system for a wide range of industries around the globe.

Manufacturing, Mining, Property, Marine and Offshore, Catering, Transport, Utilities/Power Generation, Telecoms/Data, Fire fighting

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