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Kitchen Fire Suppression System

The Nobel K-Series fire suppression system is at the forefront of technology and the number one choice for specifiers. Our kitchen fire suppression system, besides being financially competitive also offers some distinct technical, operational and aesthetic advantages.

Operational advantages

Gas Generator Technology

All of the components are electrically operated. Within the whole of the system there are no mechanical moving parts to be found.

At the heart of our system is defence technology devised equipment – the Gas Generator provides a constant stream of expellant gas from a solid compound.

The Nobel system storage cylinders are manufactured from Stainlesssteel with capacity of 5, 15 or 30 ltr of extinction agent.

Simplicity, cleanliness and longevity are the key of Nobel system cylinders, all are high quality brush finished stainless steel to provide an easy clean surface that compliments and enhamces the appearance in the kitchen environment.

The k-Series system is totally monitored by intelligent control panels – NFS4 and AVANTIS – cater for the most demanding and diverse environment meeting the latest BS EN 12094, EMC and EMF standards.

We can design Systems from the smallest to largest kitchens and provide real time fault and fire monitoring of all parts of the fire system.

With full battery back up against power outage for a minium of 72 hours, fully automated detection circuits, complete function monitoring for all fire and fault conditions and as per EN54 BS EN 12094 there are no volt free contacts for both fire and fault conditions so either can be transmitted to house or BMS Systems and interface to gas and electrical shutdowns simply and efficiently.

Complete flexibility and intelligence at your fingertips.

Fire Detection

In K-Series system fire detection in provided using UL approved Linear heat sensor. The design of each has been in consideration of speed of detection, robust construction and extreme reliability, resistance to physical and environmental conditions, easy clean for hygiene, economy, longevity and ease of service.

It is vitally important that any fire is detected quickly and efficiently.

Unlike fusible links our detection system is fast and reliable. Extremely durable and robust, easy clean and resistant to the rigors of the kitchen environment. Unlike mechanical Systems detection is fully monitored for fault conditions.

Fire System Nozzles

The K-Series system requires the installation of nozzles network which protects the smoke and steams extraction equipments, conduits, hottes and ventilated ceilings, as also other cooking equipment.

The principle fire suppression action is to chemically alter the surface composition of burning oil or fats and contain the fire. Secondary but just as importantly it is importante to reduce the temperature of the oil to below its auto ignition temperature.

In combination with the K-Liquid, the nozzles produce an ultra-small droplet mist that acts to absorb the heat.

Misting technology gives superior fire knock down and securement performance.

In each project nozzle performance opens up, nozzle placement positions so that they can be installed far more sympathetically with kitchen environment.

Wet Chemical Liquid – Nobel K

The K stands for Potassium. Our firefightingliquid is a solution based wet chemical containing Potassium organic salts that react with the fatty acids in oils and grease. This reaction produces a soapy layer of foam on top of the burning oil to extinguish the flames and prevent re-ignition.

Pipe work and fittings

Even the pipe work and pipe fittings contribute to the overall quality, fit and finish of the system. Using Stainless steel throughout the K-series installation is done quickly and efficiently with the utmost attention to position, cleanliness and hygiene. The whole focus on the system`s design is to blend and compliment the aesthetics of the kitchen environment and not take over and compromise fit and finish.

The K-series and our company ethos ensures that we provide , our clients, a complete premier system.

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