The Avantis Range

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The Avantis inteligent control panels available fot the K-Series cater for the most demanding and diverse environment meeting the latest BS EN 12094, EMC and EMF standards.

The Avantis control panel are full battery back up against power outage for a minimum of 72 hours, alowing us to assure complete function monitoring for all fire and fault conditions, in real time, in any part of the system.

With fully automated detection circuits, unlike mechanical systems fault cannot go undetected or compromised without intervention. The fascia of the Touch Interface provides full descriptive text of any fault and announces such both visually via LED`s and audibly via and internal sounder.

Fully field programmable functionality to be able to isolate the actuation output so if deep cleaning takes place safeguards against accidental actuation can be guarded against. As per EN54 and BS EN 12094 are no volt free contacts for both fire and fault conditions so either can be transmitted to house or BMS systems and interface to gas and electrical shutdowns simply and efficiently.

Complete flexibility and intelligence at your fingertips.

System can be interrogated for analysis of condition from an on board non -volatile memory allowing all events to be viewed complete with time and date stamping.

The panel does not need to be placed local to the canopy being protected. It can be centrally located or be positioned in a central office.

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