Automatic Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

Atexon is an innovative spark detection and environmentally friendly extinguishing system for industrial processes, designed to stop ignition sources from getting into dust explosion hazardous areas, such as silos and filters.

Extremely fast and sensitive spark detectors detect ignition sources in a millisecond and start the extinguishing agent.

Globally, Atexon has fire proofed more 2500 industrial processes over 15 years from several different industrial sectors that routinely handle explosive dust or powders. Customers include manufacturing companies that work in wood, metal, paper, food, bioenery, recycling, textile and fibre-reinforced plastic industries.

Spark extinguishing is most commonly achieved using water but other potential solutions include watermist, carbon dioxide, condensed aerosols and/or Various other electronically controlled devices.

Protecting Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection Systems are the archetypal application for spark detection protection. Explosive dust-air mixtures often form inside dust extraction systems. Such mixtures can be ignited by sparks, embers, hot objects or static electricity.

Usually these ignition sources are caused by a damaged blade, a wedged foreign object, resin collected on the fan blades or poor machine grounding.

In the mechanical wood working industry, as many of all fires are caused by an overheated machine due to bearing failures or blocked ducts in the fan.

A dust explosion and burning material can advance into a dust silo or travel backwards through a return air duct into the production area. All dust collection system fires pose a grave danger to employees and usually cause a lengthy production outage. Large factory fires are also a concern for insurance companies, who indicate that filters, dust collection bins and silos are the areas at greatest risk.

Fire prevention not fire suppression

System Oxygen Reduction

The Oxygen Reduction System proactively prevents the start of any combustion in the protected areas by monitoring and controlling the proportion of oxygen to nitrogen in the enclosed atmosphere.

The system prevents fires occurring while still remaining perfectly safe for human occupation.

Safe for use in normally occupied areas, the methodology is completely natural and therefore totally environmentally friendly and will not leave any kind of residual and/or polluting substance.

System Water Mist

A natural solution to a man-made problem.

The Water Mist System provides a highly effective alternative for use across a wide range of data protection applications. Environmentally friendly and with greater heat absorption efficiency.

In case of fire breaking out, Water Mist System as well its ultra efficient fire suppression capabilities can act as to scrub the air of smoke, aiding visibility and reducing smoke toxicity. The mist also protects against radiated heat and helps prevent the potential spread of fire to other areas.

The system Water Mist has worldwide approval.

Gas System

More than just fire protection

The focus of fire suppression is rightly one of quickly limiting the amount of damage a fire can cause. Sometimes that`s not enough. Critical facilities such as data rooms can require an even higher level of fire protection.

To help alleviate these problems, we offer a range of gaseous fire suppression systems to cover all risks.

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