OLYMPUS Medical Products Portugal | iParque – Coimbra

There are companies whose activity and trajectory transform the history of our society.

OLYMPUS is one of those companies whose history of more than 100 years is mixed with the history of our human development. Under the guiding principle “Making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.”, it is dedicated to the commercialization of medical systems, life science solutions and industrial solutions.

We believe that our activity saves lives, goods and the environment, so in line with this structuring principle, we are very happy that Criterdestaque and Nobel systems were the choice to protect the new Olympus space in Coimbra.

With the objective of becoming the leading company in medical technologies at a global level, Olympus, through the Olympus Service Facility Portugal, built, in Coimbra, a building that will be the headquarters of the company’s repair factory in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Located at iParque – Science, Technology, Health Innovation Park. E.M., S.A, this new Olympus building is protected by Nobel Fire Systems.

Criterdestaque developed the fire protection solutions necessary and adequate to the needs of this client. Two automatic fire detection and suppression systems from the K-Series range by Nobel Fire Systems were installed.

The ventilated roof of the building, in the central block sector and the ventilated roof, in the oven sector are duly protected by an automatic fire-fighting system using an extinguishing agent other than water to safeguard the equipment, the infrastructure itself and the lives of professionals, users and visitors of the space.

OLYMPUS, as a market leader in technological innovation and in the pursuit of innovative solutions, found in Criterdestaque the appropriate and innovative solution and services to protect its infrastructure and control the risks inherent to its activity.

We are pleased to offer a range of products and services that place us at the forefront of automatic fire detection and suppression and to create safety conditions so that everyone, with an eye on the future, can continue to contribute to the progress of our society.

Thank you for your trust. Together we protect the Future!

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