Looking at the World

New year, new markets, new friends

There is in each of us, as Portuguese, an impetus, a will to meet other cultures, find new partners, share new horizons, new possibilities with other people.

The year 2022, at Criterdestaque, was for us the year of approaching the foreign market and structuring the company’s internationalization plan.

We started in May by establishing a commercial cooperation agreement with our Spanish partners from Indico Risk and Investment consultants, thinking about the highest quality of service we can offer our customers, but also the quality of life and well-being of our technical teams.

In July, we began the search for potential partners in Morocco. Morocco has become a relevant and very interesting market for Portuguese companies due to its geostrategic position in the African context, in fact its position in world geopolitics means that it has a key role in the Africa – Europe axis. The cultural affinity with our country and the positive image of our country among Moroccan citizens allows us to seek to strengthen deeper and more promising economic ties for both countries.

The construction and public works sector continues to be one of the business opportunities with Morocco, as infrastructure renovation is one of the priorities of the Moroccan government. For us, this means bringing innovative fire protection methods to buildings, bringing greater protection to the Berber market. It means bringing more security to a society that needs it to continue increasing economic and social development rates. For us it means bringing more security to schools, hospitals, homes, public spaces.

Obviously we cannot devalue economic motivation, sales growth, but at the end of the line are people, us and them.

So we started the year 2023 with defined partners to work the Moroccan market, scheduled trips and we can’t wait to celebrate the first deals and the first hands shake.

For us it means protecting theirs, as we protect ours!

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