Know the importance of maintenance, a service that adds value

In Portugal, Decree-Law No. 220/2008 of 12 November defines the Legal Regime for Fire Safety in Buildings (SCIE).

In Article 6, Liability in the case of Buildings or Precincts is regulated, which in Point 3, which defines “Maintenance of safety conditions against the risk of fire and implementation of self-protection measures applicable to buildings or premises (…), during their entire life cycle, is the responsibility of the respective owners, with the exception of their common parts in the horizontal property, which are the responsibility of the condominium.”.

Article 23 regulates the conditions for Trading, Installation and Maintenance of SCIE Equipment and Systems and Article 25 defines the conditions that may lead to administrative offense proceedings and fines.

It is therefore important that the client is informed about the basic regulation of the sector and understands the correct procedures and inherent responsibilities.

Aware of the added value, our maintenance service is carried out by technicians certified and accredited by ANEPC, as required by the regulations in force, and consists of a set of actions and verifications, which is carried out between certain periods of time, in accordance with good technical practices and legal requirements, with the objective of preserving the equipment, safeguarding its efficiency, its useful life and guaranteeing its correct functioning and operability.

The quality of our maintenance service is guaranteed by the Terms of Liability issued by our technicians. A deep technical knowledge of the systems and their components, as well as the operating conditions, as well as the availability to respond to emergency situations, characterizes our team of professionals who guarantee this service.

Thus, in addition to the sale of automatic fire detection and suppression systems, through the establishment of annual contracts with customers, we carry out periodic maintenance carried out by teams of specialized and certified technicians.

The main advantages and benefits of the maintenance service are:

– Extending the useful life of equipment

– Preservation of operating efficiency

– Greater safety in the use of equipment

– Less spending on repairs, technical assistance and components

– Add value to the workspace

And, adding value to the workspace is fundamental, especially when we talk about a commercial space in which the maintenance of it and its equipment is crucial for its regular operation. The maintenance service allows you to add value by guaranteeing the safety and functionality of the space for all professionals, customers and visitors who frequent it.

Thank you for your trust. Together we protect the Future!


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