Nobel Fire Systems’ K-Series system is the world’s leading fire detection and extinguishing system applied in ship protection. Used by the navies of different countries, it is also the choice of private companies whose business area is maritime transport.

Rotterdam-based Anthony Veder Rederijaken B.V began transporting gas in 1969 and is currently an international player specializing in the transport of liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas, as well as petrochemical gases such as Ethylene and Propylene. In such specific and demanding conditions, it is imperative that all safety regulations are complied with.

Under the motto “Sailing the Future”, Anthony Veder uses the K-Series system to protect its ships and the lives of everyone on board. This is the system designed and structured to meet all the requirements of the ISO15371:2009 standard allowing owners, operators and shipowners to comply with the guidelines of the SOLAS International Convention – International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea, 1974.

Criterdestaque is the partner chosen to maintain the K-Series systems installed on its ships. Thus, the last intervention carried out by our technical team on board the Coral Methane vessel was the replacement of the K5 tank and the respective gas generator, restoring the necessary safety conditions on board the vessel.

This operation, given the ship’s navigation circumstances, was carried out with two interventions, the first being carried out in the port of Huelva (Spain) and the second in Gibraltar.

The K-Series system allows the integration of the system’s control panel with the ship’s central panel, ensuring monitoring, supervision and control of any anomaly in real time.

The risks for those who work on board are the most varied, but the most obvious is the risk of fire. After all, work in the petrochemical industry involves highly flammable materials. The aggravating factor is that the fires or explosions we are talking about will not happen on land, but on the high seas.

Therefore, the crew must be prepared to fight fires without the external assistance of specialized support teams.

Therefore, the best way to put out a fire is to take preventive measures.

We are pleased to offer a range of products and services that place us at the forefront of automatic fire detection and suppression and to create safety conditions for everyone, in the case of our client Anthony Veder, we contribute to creating the necessary conditions for them to continue “Navigating the Future”

Thank you for your trust. Together we protect the Future!


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