Did you know that… Portugal is a “highly desirable” market for establishing data centers?

In a context in which the Portuguese and Portuguese companies see the Mobilizing Agenda Contracts being signed, within the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, we are all aware of the urgency of embracing this new “national plan” that aims to transform the profile of the Portuguese economy and boost technology exporting sectors. With ambitious goals in the transition to digitalization, innovation, climate transition and sustainability, we are all looking to the future, with a “hunger” to make it happen and to do it well. And Europe’s eyes are on us! The Future is happening and technological innovation is overwhelming.

This is confirmed by the most recent study prepared by the law firms Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld and by PLMJ, where Portugal is described as a welcoming hub for large international technology companies and hyperscalers.

Entitled “Embracing the Challenges of Digital Transformation”, the study argues that Portugal has an unrivaled location for data centers, which is committed to best practices in data protection rules and is one of the most stable, open and business-friendly countries in the world. European Union (EU) in terms of innovation, digitization and technical knowledge. An “ex-libris”example of this context is the Covilhã data center.

Data Centers are facilities with specific structures that require very specific protection and security methods, either by the type of material used or by the value added to the data and information stored here. Since it is critical to keep data and information safe from the risk of fire, it is important that the means to do so are fast, efficient, clean and have minimal impact on the environment. To respond to these needs, Criterdestaque provides the Stat – X, an automatic fire detection and suppression system, whose principle of action is based on the release of a condensed aerosol.

Stat-X is an innovative, self-contained and ecologically safe suppression system, extremely effective with application in a wide range of sectors and especially effective where there is a need to protect critical areas and high-value assets.

In this system the extinguishing agent is a potassium aerosol, recognized as one of the most effective fire suppression agents available, potassium suppresses fire by a combination of chemical reactions. Without any impact on the environment, aerosol microparticles cover a larger area of ​​interaction between the extinguishing agent and the fire. Unlike other gaseous agents, it does not decompose with heat nor is it extinguished by oxygen deprivation, making it highly efficient and the indicated alternative to other extinguishing agents.

Tested and approved by the UL2127 standard, it does not damage electronic or magnetic equipment. Stat – X particles suspended in the air after system discharge are easy to remove and vent the space. For the installation of this system, a study is carried out on the product density required according to the volume of the area to be protected.

The Stat-X system is the only Condensed Aerosol approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency with a “Safe for Occupied Space” rating. Stat-X also has other international approvals such as ISO 9001 and ULC – Activefire Australia and US military forces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULRgamhNT7A&t=14s

As described in the study, Portugal is well positioned not only to accompany the digital transformation, but also to continue its journey as one of the European pioneers in technological innovation. “Portugal is a highly desirable market to establish and operate a data center, and is likely to further its position as a pioneer in innovation, cybersecurity standards and data protection in the near future.”

Portugal already benefited from other geographical and technological advantages, with an increasing network of fiber optic cables, which positions it as a “European gateway” to Africa, the Americas and other destinations.

And Criterdestaque has the most innovative means to respond to the security needs of these new players.

Thank you for the trust. Together We Protect the Future!



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