Telecoms/ Data

Telecoms/ Data

The emphasis on data protection has never been greater. Whilst keeping data safe from fire is critical, the means of doing so must be clean and have a minimal impact on the environment.

With the evolution of modern computing, our society is completely dependent on information, on the information systems, safeguarding, storing,  and preserving it. Thus, the term “data center” became part of our collective vocabulary, as well as “data protection” and “computer security”. A data center is a facility that brings together computer systemsand associated components, such as telecommunications systems, storage security and backup power supply.

The data center has become the “heart” of every business network, allowing all information to be transmitted, accessed and stored. Here cables connect local area networks (LANs) and switches, servers, storage networks (SANs) and other active equipment that allow all applications, transactions and communications to function. It is also in the data center where the LAN connects to service provider networks that provide access to the internet and to other networks external to the facilities.

Usually designed to be extremely secure, they house thousands of servers and data storage banks, processing large amounts of information. Mounted in an area protected against unauthorized access, it has a raised floor to allow the passage of electrical and data cables, metal cabinets (racks), where the equipment is mounted and a fully controlled environment.

They have fire extinguishing systems, an intelligent system for early detection of smoke and fire extinguishing with inert gas, so as not to affect the equipment. It is essential to take care of the possible process that triggers the fire, but it is equally important that its extinction does not damage the equipment. Access is controlled by electronic cards and/or biometrics, permanent monitoring, access by sluice gate. Precision air conditioning with constant monitoring, maintains constant temperature, cooling equipment.

Operating environment permanently monitored, in all physical and logical aspects.


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