Utilities | Power Generation

Utilities | Power Generation

All businesses have critical assets in the form of building and / or plant infrastructure. The protection of these assets from the risk of fire is essential to help alleviate down time.

For arquives, museums, libraries, our solutions assure the safety of a wide range of environments.

The power plant is a large industrial facility intended for the production of electricity. Most of the time, it uses generators that convert mechanical energy from some energy source – such as water, wind and heat – into electrical energy. The exception is solar energy, which uses another process to generate energy.

For this reason, the power plant is essential in energy production processes. Without it, this transformation would not have been possible.

The human race needs more and more energy. Energy is currently used in almost all our activities. We use it to light up our cities, fuel our vehicles, heat our homes, cook our food, listen to music, etc. It is therefore a priority to ensure the safety conditions of these infrastructures and their equipment in order to minimize possible interruptions in the energy supply chain to other industries that depend on electricity to function.


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