Industrial Kitchens | Catering

Industrial Kitchens | Catering

In any commercial kitchen the risk of fire is a real and ever present danger. Naked flames, gas lines. Cooking fats and appliances, can all cause serious workplace fires.

The kitchen is the soul of any restaurant, as it is in this space that the delicacies for which customers are so yearning are prepared and which makes them return again and again.

However, it is also in the kitchens that there are the greatest risks of fire, due to the cooking appliances there, such as deep fryers, stoves and grills. As a general rule, these appliances use grease which, due to inefficient cleaning, equipment failure or human error, can cause large-scale fires that, in the limit, can lead to the closure of establishments and the end of their owners’ dreams, as well as of your customers.

Cleaning in industrial kitchens is very important for proper functioning and compliance with the legislation that regulates the sector. Hotels, Restaurants, Catering and Cafeterias receive a lot of movement in their kitchens, so there is dirt and grease accumulating every day. With all this activity it is difficult to keep all the equipment clean. The lack of regular and efficient cleaning can generate fire outbreaks.

The proper removal and cleaning of grease drastically reduces the probability of fires in hoods, chimneys or ducts, as the accumulated grease can catch fire and cause irreparable damage. Cleaning extends the life of the entire system.

The creation of safe kitchens is possible through the adoption of preventive procedures that necessarily include the frequent cleaning and maintenance of food preparation appliances and their correct use, and the installation of adequate fire protection equipment that, in the face of a fire, have the ability to extinguish it quickly, automatically and safely.


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