Creating Systems change

As the paradigm of our economic system is changing, it`s clear that we are all interdependent.

It is of the most importance all actors unlock new forms of cooperation.

In our case, we believe it is important to cooperate with partners abroad, ahead our frontiers that share our values and our visison.

Conscious that all business must analise the impact they have on people and on the Planet, Criterdestaque has established an Agreement Of Commercial Cooperation with the spanish companies Indico Risk and Investment Consultants, and Castellana de Seguridad y Control, S.A.

This partnership is an important step for us and it reflects our ambition to help turning the Word a better and safer place.

Both companies focus their activity in the commercialization and installation of the Nobel systems in the spanish market.

Our partnership`s goal is the entire iberian market, allowing all partners a profitable use of our resources, increasing our assistance capability to our clients in the both sides of the frontier. With this cooperation, we reduce, to the minimum possible, the long trips of our technical teams, reducing our carbonic foot-print in the Planet. At the same time, we positively impact the family and social well-being of our employees, reducing time away from family.

All business must have a positive impact on socitey, far beyond the unique goal of economic profit, and we are, proudly, taking the first steps on this direction.

Thank you for your confidence. Together we protect the Future !

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