Automatic fire detection and suppression systems
We control risks, prevent damage, protect the future.
Aware of the responsibility we have
We know that we are directly responsible for the impact of our activity on the environment and on the future of future generations.

Specialists in prevention and extinction of fires.

From multinationals to small independent industries, we offer a range of fire protection systems that ensure the safety of people and equipment in the production environment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week regardless of any occurrence.

We are shaped by our values
Safety 1st place
Tecnologic innovation
Focus on effectiveness
Attention and care
Motivated team
Certified professionals
Group 153
For the safety of your business, your customers, for the safety of everyone
We believe that the rapid detection of fire risk and the rapid and effective extinction of it are crucial to safeguarding lives, property and the environment. So our range of fire extinguishing systems covers all types of fires and covers different areas of activity.

Official partners Nobel Fire Systems

Over 30 years Nobel Fire Systems has developed safe and efficient technologies for fire detection and extinguishing in sensitive and high risk environments. We are proudly exclusive representatives and distributors of Nobel Fire Systems products in Portugal. The degree of requirement for acquiring this title guarantees you qualified professionals and compliance with the most rigorous standards, in full.

Rigorous certificates ANPC and APSEI

Our level of training is quite rigorous, passing through highly demanding courses in entities such as TechXchange in Paris, Nobel Fire Systems in Manchester and APSEI Portugal. Criterdestaque is accredited by ANEPC under N.º 1929, and is effective partner N.º 614 of APSEI.

Our products

Discover our products, prepared to respond to the most varied fire hazard situations, in different areas of activity.
Complete products with a range of services
A full range of useful services

We provide a complete set of services from potential risk analysis, consultancy and design to the distribution and installation of each system. We also develop customized systems to the needs of each client.

Protect your business with the best solutions on the market

Quick response and effective solution. Criterdestaque's solutions are more than products or a system, they are an investment in efficient security with an impact on time and cost management.